Billing Terms & Conditions

Billing Terms and Conditions

PayPal and all major credit cards are accepted, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We regret not being able to issue individual cheques. SSL, an industry-standard encryption technology, will protect your card number. SSL will protect your credit card or credit debit card when you shop on our site.

Cancellation Policy

Scratch-off must be completed within one day of the agreement being made. Call upholds to inform them about the reason for your request.

The request can't be returned if it has been sent or is not in accordance with your country's tradition. You may accept the package, then return it.

Acceptance and Payment

Prices and availability of products on this website may change at any time. All errors will be corrected once they are discovered. We have many items on our site, so some estimates may not be correct. When you submit a request, we verify the price to ensure that the actual item's price is less than what we have quoted. If the item's price is higher than what we have listed on our website, we will ship it at a lower cost. Before we send the product, we can call you to go over the details. You can also request that we deny your request or inform you that we have made a decision not to send the product. If the error is obvious and unrefusable, we will not provide the item at a reduced price.


Prices and inventory for the items listed on this website can change at any time. We will correct any errors found within a reasonable time. Our website has many items. Some items might be incorrectly priced. We verify the price of items when we prepare requests. If the actual value is less than what we have stated, we will send it to you at a lower cost. If an item's value is greater than the price listed on our website, we will call you to discuss the matter. If the error in evaluating the object is obvious, we may deny your request. We will notify the customer. We are not obligated to give you the item at an incorrect or lower price if that happens.

Accounts and Users

Each client who registers on the site must protect their personal data. This website is not open to anyone under 18. They are also not permitted to access or use the website.

Governing Law

All disputes or matters arising from this website or related to it will be dealt with under United States law.

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